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Where Writers And Authors Meet

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      Where fellow writers and authors can meet other writers and authors.

An Extension Of The Facebook Group:

                 Where Writers And Authors Meet

Welcome Readers, Writers, Reviewers, Bloggers, and Authors!

     *Book reviewers, Readers, and Bloggers are welcome to join us in the Forums! You can also find descriptions of each of our members in the members section. Looking for a Free or Discount book to read? Come check out the Calendar!

      In the forum you will find books available for review and even a section to ask questions! You do NOT need to be a member of the group on Facebook to join in on the fun! ;)

     Every Monday
we have a new author interview posted in the blog as well as an Author Spotlight where YOU the reader are invited to ask the Featured Author your own questions! Anything you want :) (keep it clean please)

    The Blog is also open for anyone for anyone to submit posts to- see more info in the blog header.

Home Of:

All Interviews and Spotlights can be found in the blog ;)

With the Spotlight Feature, links and author information is posted about the Featured author and visitors are encoraged to ask the author questions which will be answered in the interview post the following week!
      Designed to be a group where writers and authors can meet, share, interact, support, and network with one another.

*If you are an aspiring writer feel free to check us out on Facebook too!
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About the Administrator:

Writer and author, Virginia Lori Jennings, runs 'Where Writers And Authors Meet' to encourage writers and authors of all ages and levels.

When she is not watching over the group she is taking care of her three kids, keeping her house from falling apart, and finding some spare time to write.

Her Primary Website is:

Her Blog can be found HERE

You can also find her facebook page at:

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