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The One Who Got Away

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 4:10 PM

The Man Who Got Away



      Over a week ago, I met a wonderful person at a Christian dating website. His name is Evans and he is in his fifties. He was like no other man I have met. Not like the ones my friends had warned me about.  He sent me a short email through the website and saying I can look at his profile if I like. Most men asks you for your email or  will give you theirs which really is against the  administrators policies (For safety sake)  I decided to give him a chance.

    In one message he wanted my email so I gave it to him and we started corresponding.  I have told no one about him because everyone thinks I need to be careful as if I wasn’t-- I was. Maybe that was why I almost lost him. He wanted me to trust him and  I had no reason not to.

    It all changed yesterday when I decided on a whim to see if he was on face book. I found his  profile and it blew me away! He was gorgeous and I wondered what he saw in me. All through out my younger life children teased me and made fun of me. If I liked a boy he didn’t like me so I suppose I thought “Why would someone so gorgeous like me?”(Not so gorgeous)  I wrote him and told him.  Well, evidently I had hurt him bad.  He wanted to break it off and my heart went to pieces.  I sent him a card and a video  asking him to forgive me:

(The video was Bryan Adams’ Please Forgive Me).

    Today,  I may have a second chance depending if he forgives me.

A Flash Fiction Piece written by: Romance Author- Ruthie Madison.

You can find her on Facebook:

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