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Tc McKinney is interviewed by Where Writers And Authors Meet

Posted on November 8, 2012 at 11:50 AM

This interview can also be found at Tc McKinney's PDMI Direct blog:

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          Tc McKinney was interviewed for 'Where Writers And Authors Meet' blog hop. The answers to his interview can be found on his blog. You can find out more about the interview blog hop here. The following questions were posed to him by Victoria Adams as part of the author interview bog hop.

            Hop on over to Tc McKinney's blog to hear more about him, what started him on his path to becoming both a published author and later a publisher of authors!

From his interview:

5. You are rather talented in a number of fields. Do you find similar things inspire all your creative works, or do you get into specific moods for different projects?

     Thank you Victoria. I do find that all similar things that I have loved or have come to love throughout time have influenced and inspired all my creative works. Whether it be love, hate, anger etc. All of these emotions and specific moods form a creativity of their own but in a unified way for me. I have implemented and follow a simple process which leads to the accomplishments.

STEP ONE: Be True to Yourself

STEP TWO: Expression of Desire

STEP THREE: Desire into Action

STEP FOUR: Correcting your Masterpiece followed by an intention to bestow criticism to yourself (The Critic)

STEP FIVE: The gift of bestowal.

(find out more on his blog! ;))

          He has chosen Cindy Koepp to interview next-> you can find the questions he is sending to Cindy on Tc's blog!

          Cindy's responses, when completed, can be found on her blog here:

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