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Help A School Rebuild!

Posted on November 13, 2012 at 10:50 AM

'Where Writers And Authors Meet' Encourages you to

Help A School Rebuild!

     Just two weeks after Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast ans schools are only just now begining to re-open. However, there are many schools that were so devistated by the Hurricane that they can not re-open yet. These schools are calling out for our help!

     Imagine being a kid and having to evacuate your home before a storm. Do you remember to bring your backpack and school stuff? Probably not. What if your home was in one of the areas hit by flood waters? Imagine going back home to find your bedroom soaked in mud, stinky debris, water, and mold. Your bookback that you left beside your bed is now a bag full of stinky soggy mush! Best case scenario, you may be able to recover the bookbag if you can find a washing machine with power. Worst case scenario, your home may be totaly washed away from the flood waters and your bookbag is no where to be seen.

     This is not the only scenario though! There were many homes that were completely destroyed by fires. Families displaced and living in shelters, the only items they own is the stuff they managed to pack in their car. Winter is right on their doorstep, some people are already seeing 3 inches of snow on the ground in some places. Many of these families could use clothes, hats, mittens, and jackets!

     To top it all off, many of these students can not even find solace in returning to the regular routine of going back to the warmth of their school. Not only have they lost their bookbags, but they have also lost their schools! Many schools were also completely devistated. Classrooms washed out- books, computers, desks, supplies, all destroyed. Some school buildings need repairs before students can return, while other schools are completely washed away.

     How many of you found solace in your school's library as a kid? Students who are returning to school in these hard hit areas are not only facing make shift classrooms but a total lack of school libraries in which to find comfort in as well! Many of these school libraries are now filled with sopping shelves of mouldy books from the flood waters. Many of these libraries will have to be totaly re-stocked.

      One of our group authors in 'Where Writers And Authors Meet' , Cindy Springsteen, resides in one of these hard hit areas. Even though she has faced power outages, and gas rationing she is still fighting on! She brought to my attention that she has partnered with 'Schools Adopting Schools In The Wake Of Sandy' to help gather book donations from authors to help these schools rebuild their libraries. You can contact Cindy by messaging her on facebook to find out how you can donate your books.

      You can pledge to donate your own book to this cause! 
Before you order books, contact Cindy for the address to have the books you are ordering shipped directly  to be donated.

     'Schools Adopting Schools In The Wake Of Sandy' also has an event page as well as their  facebook page where they are trying to gather support and get the word out about this cause.

     If you can not donate please atleast drop by their facebook page and click like and SHARE with your friends so someone else can help too!

     On their Event page they are gathering the contact information of schools who are in need and pairing them directly with volunteers who are willing to donate to the school. Volunteers would contact the school or district directly, figure out what they need and arrange for any donations to be sent directly to the school in need!

According to the Event Page...

***** If you are a school, group, or district who would like to sign up to be paired with a school in need-" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">fill out this form and you will be contacted with the contact information of a district that needs your help.

***** If you are a school or district who NEEDS HELP-" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> fill out this form here to find out more information about being adopted for donations.

     Please consider donating to help these schools out. If you are not in a position to help out at this time, share the facebook page and please send out a prayer for everyone affected by this!

     Group authors who have pledged to donate to this program are encouraged to leave a comment below- If you would like, let us know what you are pledging, AND please leave a message encouraging others to pledge as well!

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1 Comment

Reply Virginia Jennings
11:02 AM on November 13, 2012 
I have pledged to donate 9 copies of my newest release 'The Alien Mind'

I am also spreading the word wherever I can!