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Angus Day's Interview By WWAAM

Posted on January 21, 2013 at 1:25 AM

Where Writers And Authors Meet Interviews:
Angus Day!

Angus Day was our Featured Spotlight author last week and vistors were encouraged to ask Angus some of their own questions! Here is a link to that Spotlight! Feel free to ask more questions, and we might just be able to get Angus back for a follow up interview! You can also visit that spotlight to find his social networking links ;).

1. OK Angus, tell us something about you that would surprise us! (Asked by: Jim Henry)

      I like dinner theater dates with my wife, especially musical comedies.

2. How did you end up working as a pharmaceutical chemist- was it your dream job? If not- what would be? (Asked by Admin Virginia Lori Jennings-

      I was adjusting federal crop insurance claims for a company when my daughter was approaching the beginning of college.  Simultaneously, I was an officer in my Masonic lodge urging students to go to college.  I decided to return to college and graduated with a Chemistry degree in 2009.  My dream job would have been photovoltaic materials development but synthetic biology is worthy.

3. What was the very first thing that you wrote? (Asked by: Jacqueline D.)

       I used to write journal fiction in high school as part of a composition class.  I've had to write SOPs, reports, operations orders, personnel reviews, letters of recommendation and scientific studies.  Now I write for myself and those who would share my imaginings.

4. What drew you to science fiction? (Jacqueline D.)

      Science Fiction has drawn me in by envisioning futures beyond our current technical grasp but credible or reasonable enough to be worthy of our goals.  The open status of our minds allows us to have that playground which will help us to hope again.

5. What are your science fiction faves? Such as: book, movie, tv series, etc. (Jacqueline D.)

Favorite books:  Joe Haldeman's and Ben Bova's.

Favorite Movies:  Trek and the Dune miniseries made by SyFy.

TV series:  Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, Trek: TOS,TNG and Enterprise.

Favorite Classic SciFi:  The Foundation Trilogy

6. From what I've been able to read, it appears that your books are rather humorous. In my experience with reading sci fi (which is somewhat limited, I admit), that's somewhat rare. Most tend to be fairly serious, even bordering on horror or mystery. How did you come to write it with such humor? Was it something that just came natural or was it because most tend to be serious? (Asked by Wendy Miller:

      Some of my favorite science fiction involves some humor and I guess that appealed to me in some of the SG-1 episodes.  There was a time loop episode where O'Neill and Tealc kept reliving the same stretch of time and they began having fun with it like driving golf balls through the wormhole.  People have humorous events and to write something devoid of that, it would not come alive in my opinion.

It kind of came natural to me.

7. I have a friend who wants to meet my family. I have a father who is a murderer, a mother who is a pedophile, a brother who is a writer, and a sister who was caught embezzling money. How would you suggest I explain to her about my brother the writer? (Jim Henry)

      I hope this is a writing exercise.  Let's call her Emma.

      "Hey Emma.  Have you met my brother Rudolf yet?  He writes fiction.  Well mostly it's fiction though he does use our family for source material, a lot.  These are his first two books and if you read them you will know all of the...recent family dirty laundry.  Then, if you still want to meet my family we'll figure out when visiting hours are."

8. What is the story behind your facebook avatar Angus? (Asked by Victoria Adams:

     I'm a Babylon 5 fan and the chance to be Minbari with out having to go through the hassle of wearing a bone prosthetic seemed cool.

9. Have you ever had punny people comment about your name? (Asked by Tanja Cilia:

      Yes.  In junior high there was a kid that thought it was funny to say 'there's a fungus among us'.  Not so punny people have other issues such as flipping the g and n or missing the g altogether.  Rather than ask politely about the origins of the name some will go with 'you mean like the cattle' or 'what is a Scotsman doing...'.  My background is Welsh and Cherokee.

10. Probably a hard question, maybe slightly unfair, but here goes anyway. Which of your books is your favorite? (You cannot answer, 'the next one' unless you really, really love your current work.) What do you love about this favorite? (Julie Guilbert)

      I like all of my books or I would un-publish them.  That being said I currently like Having Nice Things the most because I view it as the closest I've come to spinning an epic adventure to date.  It has romance, tragic loss, military action, space opera, comic relief, airships and wide reaching character development.

11. Angus! How does one go from being a swine farmer to a manufacturing chemist to a writer? My imaginary trajectory of events is enough for a book in itself. But I'm sure the truth is even cooler. (Stuart West)

       Take an infantryman who never finished his first scientific degree who can't abide close tight cities anymore.  He gets married after completing an agricultural economics degree and works for farming companies for thirteen to fourteen years while raising a family.  Upon lots of hints that this is an unfulfilled life he goes back to school to get a chemistry degree in his forties, starts working in the field while discovering the need for therapy which is provided by writing and swimming in open water.

      As Forrest Gump would say 'That's all I've got to say about that'.



From the Admin:

Thank you for sharing your answers with us Angus! I LOVE Stargate too- the time loop episode is one of my absolute favorites! lol. As for- photovoltaic materials development- I'd be really interested to find out what that is in laymans terms! That sounds like a cool job!

You can find Angus' Books on Amazon by clicking on them here:


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Reply Allison Kirsop
5:11 AM on January 22, 2013 
Great interview and great name Angus! x