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Ask Pam Funke some Questions!

Posted on February 5, 2013 at 1:45 AM

Introducing Pamela Funke!

I know her as Pamela on Facebook- but she also goes by Pam. ;)

This is what I could find out about Pamela Funke on


       I am the proud grand-daughter of a pastor and have spent the majority of my life in the church. I am a Christian author who enjoys writing many different things. My love of reading and writing led me to write for the enjoyment of others.

      Why did I choose Christian novels? Well, mainly because there are hardly any Christian novels out there anymore and the books that are filling the shelves and homes of adults, young adults, teens and children are not feeding their minds or souls with positive things. Now mind you there are some very good non-Christian novels out there that instill a positive message.There has to be something in a good book that not only feeds the mind with positive values and teaches the reader how to improve their life and give them some hope, then what's the point? A good book should have a lesson in it that someone can learn something valuable from it and not just an escape away from their problems in the real world~ because when the story is over the real world is still there and so are their problems. They should be able to come out of that story with something positive that they can use to help them in the real world.

      While Operation Dark Angel is my first published novel, it is but one of many novels that will be available. This is the first installment in The Four Horsemen Series. There will be a total of seven books in this series. I have a few other series that I will be writing to include one for young adults and children. There will also be several single books.


Author's Links:

Pamela Funke on Amazon

Pamela's Blog!

Pamela's Page on Facebook


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Pamela on Goodreads


      NOW then Pamela's Interview will go live On February 12th

Would you like to be interviewed by the group? Here is how to enter.

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Reply Pam
9:02 AM on February 4, 2013 
Thanks for hosting me on my tour. I really appreciate it.
Reply Jo Linsdell
1:54 PM on February 5, 2013 
Can you tell us a bit more about Operation Dark Angel? and What formats will it be available in? (Jo Linsdell-
Reply Jo Linsdell
1:56 PM on February 5, 2013 
Any tips for other writers thinking about writing a series? How far in advance do you plan story lines ahead? (Jo Linsdell-
Reply Malissa
9:29 PM on February 7, 2013 
Who are you favorite authors? What inspires you to write and share your stories?
Reply Stuart R. West
8:48 AM on February 8, 2013 
Hi Pam!
Would you consider your series a Christian fantasy? Sci-fi? End of the world allegorical thriller? Or am I WAY off on all counts?
Reply Jo Robinson
8:55 AM on February 8, 2013 
Do you find it difficult to weave lessons into your stories, so that they're part of the story, and not obviously lessons?
Reply Jo Robinson
9:00 AM on February 8, 2013 
With your series, are you going to have the same characters?
Reply Sophia DeLuna
4:32 AM on February 9, 2013 
Have you ever encountered writers' block? If yes, what are your strategies to overcome it?
Reply Virginia Jennings
11:53 PM on February 9, 2013 
8. Do you think you could pick a favorite paragraph or two to share with us so we can get a taste of your style of writing? (me- you don't have to answer ;)

9. Describe your current AND most ideal writing environment... (me)

10. What types of books do you like to read? Read any good ones recently? (me)

11. After this series... do you have an idea of what you might write next- or are you still waiting to see where your muse will take you? (me)
Reply Pam
9:22 PM on June 3, 2013 
Can you please send me an email so that I can send you the updated information? Thanks. ([email protected])