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WWAAM interviews Ruthie Madison

Posted on February 12, 2013 at 11:20 AM

Where Writers And Authors Meet Interviews:
Ruthie Madison!

Ruthie Madison was our Featured Spotlight author last week and vistors were encouraged to ask Ruthie some of their own questions! Here is a link to that Spotlight! Feel free to ask more questions, and we might just be able to get Ruthie back for a follow up interview!



1. Hi Ruthie! Are there a lot of autobiographical elements in your romance novels? Are you the heroine? I know most authors try and stick themselves in their work somewhere! (Stuart West)

     In my first book Marge is a little of me. We both like to write. We both feel trapped in the situations that we are in. I try to stick myself in my stories because it is the only way I can be fulfilled. I imagine myself being Marge or Julie. As for Past Hunter, there is a little of me in it to—We are Christians who depend on the Lord to help us make decisions. The only thing both ladies have that I don’t is a man trying to gain my affection. The heroes in my stories are the kind of men I like to date.

2. What do you find to be the hardest and easiest parts of being a writer? (Jo Linsdell-

      I thought writing was easy until I am told I have to show and not tell and according to “Slow The Prose” writer not using “to be” verbs as much and writing became hard. However, after reading someone’ else’s book and saw she had used “to be” verbs from time to time, it wasn’t so hard. The hardest part is marketing my book. I have the hardest time trying to get bookmarks and business cards just right. Another hard thing is getting book signings.

3. I can see from the photo that you've done book signings. Do you have any tips for other writers thinking about doing one? (Jo Linsdell-

     From what I learn from another website is not having it in bookstores. As surprising as that might be, the book sellers think your book will be competing against other books. This is in Independent book stores. For national bookstores it is even worst. Look up this website for more information: I had planed to do my next book signing at Bereans Bookstore until I read why that is a bad place to do one. In the photo is one done at the Library which is also not a good idea. People come into check out books. Not to buy them. I had little success. I asked in the group (Where Writers and Authors Meet) where would be a good place and the answer came back as anywhere with four walls and lots of traffic. Another author suggested coffee shop. When you go to do a book signing, bring some bookmarks and or business cards to hand out.

4. Hi Ruthie, please tell us about your current novel. Who or what was your inspiration behind it? Why did you choose the genre that you are currently writing? (Pam)

     Hi, Pam. I love cowboys and so I thought it would be cool if I write a story with a cowboy in it although Eric is a rancher. I wanted The Past Hunter to be a little bit suspenseful and I believe it started out that way, but I have always been a romantic too. When I started writing, I thought my books would just be Christian Fiction but they always turn out Romance. I think the main reason is to fulfill some kind of desire in me. It was asked earlier if there are any autobiographical elements and I can only say that I wish I was my heroine.

5. Besides writing, what else do you like to do? (Pam)

I like to crochet and read when I am not writing.

6. Being a christian romance writer- how do you handle the 'romance' part in your books. I really don't take the time to read any Romance novels as they are not my style- BUT I have seen some promoted that really look like they could be border line erotica- you know... Rippling sweaty abs described in WAY too much detail, if you get my drift. Would you mind giving us a small taste of a romantic scene from your book? (Virginia Jennings-

     I know exactly what you mean and it goes against my Christian nature to be explicit like the 50 Shades of Gray book or Harrlequin books. I read up on some Christian Romance books to see how they are written. It could also be because I don’t have any impure thoughts and so it doesn’t come out in my writings.

Excerpt from Past Hunter:

       Everything seemed to be intact as she looked around but she sensed a presence which sent shivers up her back.

      "I have waited for you to return.”

      Her heart began to race as she heard a familiar voice. He has found her and now she must pretend she does not know      him.

     “Relax. I am not going to hurt you. I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said as he quietly walked up behind her.

      Did he have a gun? She wondered. Remembering 8 years ago, she would not be surprised if he did. God, help me! She wanted to cry.

      “You are as beautiful now as you were eight years ago.” He said, brushing her hair back.

      “Who are you? What do you want?” She tried to be brave, knowing Jesus was on her side.

      “You know who I am, Julie. We dated for two years before you left Montana. You were my lady.”

      She felt a chill going up her spine. She did not want to admit it but he was telling the truth. Oh how she wished he would leave.

      "Make him go, God! Just go!” She demanded but even that sounded weak. She wished he wouldn’t pull her hair back. “Please!”

7. What sets your most recent release, (insert novel title), from other books of the same genre? (Shadoe Publishing:

     In Past Hunter, Julie is a spirit filled Christian meaning, that she has the Holy Spirit in her. Although all Christians do, not many will acknowledge the Holy Spirit in their lives. People will pray to God or or to Jesus, but how many will ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. I haven’t read any Christian fiction where the Holy Spirit is mentioned. In the first chapter, Julie sensed in her spirit of an impediment danger. And later on she would have have dreams that were served as a warning about someone else.

8. What is your End of the World Playlist? Or- if the end of the world were coming today/tomorrow what music titles would you listen to? (Shadoe Publishing:

People Get Ready By Crystal Lewis- and I would share it with my friends. Any songs by my favorite worship leaders.

9.Are you reading anything right now, or have you read anything recently that is worth mentioning? (Shadoe Publishing:

     I am reading The Land of the Noonday Sun by Carmen Desouza. I just got done reading She Belongs To Me by the same author. I would recommend it.

10. Are you writing anything new? Whats next?

     I am working on the ButterFly and the Cocoon which is similar to my first book.

11. Anything else you would like your readers to know?

      My third book is called a Second Chance at Love. I am not sure when it will be published, but I will let them know. I am waiting for my cover design to be ready and will be sending out my manuscript to an editor.


     From the Admin:  Thank you for sharing your answers with us Ruthie! Great interview!

You can find  Ruthie's  Book on Amazon here:

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