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Chapter One



Of all the years of her life Marge never dream she would be reunited with her Italian lover let alone under different circumstances. If she was to see him again she would at least be beautiful for him nut because of one man, she traded in her beauty for a plain appearance and developed a cynical attitude that would definitely steer men away from her. She had given up dating and trusting men because of what her husband had done-- commit adultery twice. She tolerated one man because Sam Jenkins was not intimidated by her cynicism. She worked as a journalist for Willmar Times until her new attitude then she became a commentary writer. She wrote based on her cynicism and people loved it!

There were three men who was ignorant of Marge’s unfriendliness when they saw her waiting at the bus stop. As she was sitting on a bench, they approached her in a casual way. “Good evening, Ms Willet. How are you today?” The one who spoke

first was Martin Milson. He was short and a bit on the geek side she thought. “Go away.” The nerve of them talking to me like that!

“We only want to take a moment of your time,” The second man said

“Do you know who I am? If you did, you wouldn’t dare talk to me. Good day!” She got up to walk away. If only she could drive. With her right leg being crippled she

depended on her cane which she hated with a passion. She wished she could walk without one, but because she was uninsured, Marge had to rely on painkillers and a cane.

“Wait, Ma’am!”

“I don’t talk to men so I advise you to go your own way and leave me alone or I will call the police.”

“Just give us a moment of your time please. Our employer has sent us to invite you to a two year contract!” When she heard that, she had to laugh! “For what? I am a working woman! It is impossible for me to take time off!”

“Not even if it means he can pay for surgery on your leg?” Martin called out

“I don’t trust you or your employer. Good day!”

She thought that was the end of it, especially when the bus arrived and she hurried to catch it. She paid her fare and walked to the back of the bus, however she saw one of them climb on board and joined her. “Not you. Why can’t you leave me alone?”

“We want to help, Ma’am. Two years isn’t that long. He has done it to 9 other women since he started ten years ago-- all beautiful and able women who are successful.”

“I am not interested.”

“You don’t want to walk again? Why not?”

Marge ignored him, but he kept talking at her trying to get her interest. When the bus arrived, she was glad and hurried off to her first floor apartment. She didn’t know he sort of followed her. She unlocked the door then locked it again after she stepped inside.

Her heart was racing so she had to calm herself then she called Sam.

“Hello?” He answered

“Sam, I’m scared. There are these three guys that approached me and tried to get me to sign a contract. One even followed me on the bus!”

“That’s not good. Why do they want you to sign a contract?”

“They said something about being beautiful and able. Their boss supposedly can do surgery on my leg.”

“I bet you were skeptical.”

“Very, but nothing deterred them. I am sure they won’t give up so can you give me a ride tomorrow?”

“Sure. What is your address?”

She told him her address. “I appreciate it.”

“No problem. I will be by at 7:30am.”

“Ok. Thanks.” She hung up. She then went to heat up some water for some tea and took out a TV dinner to microwave. Since her divorced, that was the only type of meal she eats for dinner. It was so much easier to make than to prepare a meal, but its usually something put out by Healthy Choice or Weight Watcher’s. She was never concerned about her weight because she stays away from sweets and foods high in fat. She sat down to watch some television while her meal heated in the microwave…

Meanwhile, Martin called his friends to give him a ride back with them. “She still refuse to sign it. She won’t even give me the time or day. I really think she is a lost cause but what do we do?”

“Where are you located?”

“3100 West Plainview Street. Her apartment number is 12A.”

“We will be right over and come up with a second plan. He wants her by Friday night and this is Wednesday night.” Carter said

“We’ll find away. I heard talk that he might fire one of us if it doesn’t work out.”

“When did you hear that?” Carter thought it was just him and his employer.

“I was passing by the other day.”

“Hmm. It was suppose to be private.”

“You were there?”

“Talk to you about it in the car.”

Martin hung up. He got the feeling it was about him. 2 years ago, Martin violated his contract, but his employer gave him a second chance and last year, he earned his stay when he introduced his potion that a friend gave him. Maybe they can use it and he can save his job.

When Carter arrived, Martin asked as he climbed in, “What do you know?”

“You must not let him know I told you, but yes we were talking about you. Dwayne wasn’t there.” He answered as he began driving back to the estate.

“I see, but I am not his number one man and he depends everything on you.”

` “We work as a team not independent of each other.”

“My potion worked the last time. Maybe we can find a way and introduced it into her food and drink.”

“We need to consult our employer first. We represent him and everything we do reflects him. This one is special and different to him.”

“How so?” Dwayne asked. None of them of Donavan’s intention to make her his.

“He loves her.”

“Ahhh!” Both said.

“I doubt she will love him,” Martin said.

“You want to bet?” Carter said.

“How much?” Martin said.

“I bet you fifty dollars.”

“You are on!”

“I bet she will fall in love with you.” Dwayne said to Carter.

“What?! You are crazy!”

“No! He is right! I bet she will!”

“No bets.” Carter said.

“I saw her looking at you at the bus stop.”

“She was not looking at any of us and besides this is about them two and he is determined to make her his. I am sure she will fall for him.”

It was quiet after that and Carter turned the radio on to listen to Classic Rock.


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Ruthie Madison

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Started reading Marge today. Won't be done for a while, but my goal is to finish by Dec.


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