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Virginia Jennings
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Virginia Reposting for Ruthie Madison ;)

Ruthie is:


Live with  my mother and sister

One cat


Unhappy author(LOLOL ;))

Author of Marge  a Romance Novel

Favorite TV shows: NCIS nad CSI series

I write romance novels yet I have none in my life.

I crochet

I live in California

I would love to try other genres but right now it seems that the Lord  keeps  inspiring me to write romance.


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While waiting for (or seeking--take your pick Ruthie) her own kight in shining armor, Ruthie Madison writes about other people's romances. 

Tha'ts as far as I get with this.  I would not say that she lives with her mom and sister, and unless Marge is a Christian romance, I would not add that the Lord is leading her to write romances.


Karina Fabian

Dragons and zombies and nuns in space.  What's going on this this author's brain?  Check out her books at

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Virginia Jennings
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I like Karina's take on this!

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