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Virginia Jennings
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AUTHORS- Please post an new thread here about your book if you would like to request a review from the group. Reviews are not guaranteed. Please post ONLY if you have a free copy to send the reviewer.

In your thread you will want to post:

~A picture of your book cover (the little blue square beside the smiley face allows you to add pictures!)

~ A short synopsis or sample chapter

~Your website link

~How you prefer to be contacted

~Your book's amazon page link

~Number of Pages


~Age Level



A group member who wishes to review your book will PRIVATE MESSAGE you.






-Remember to like and tag the amazon page of the book you are reviewing to help ;)

Some suggested places to post reviews are:


(any other review place suggestions are welcome!)





For Books that are not published yet... PLEASE feel free to COMMENT if you would like to find someone to review your ARC (advanced review copy)


-leave a short 2-3 sentence description of your book

- how long it is

-what age level you are targeting it towards

-What genre it is in



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