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Ash: Return Of The Beast (book trailer)

A modern day supernatural crime chiller, steeped in the occult, inspired by a real mystery.

Ash: Return Of The Beast (book trailer)

"A page turner... dragging you into a world where few authors have successfully gone... to the Gates of Hell and back! The thrill ride alone is worth the purchase." - Valerie Bowen, author of the Mind of a Madman series

"I loved how [the author] pulled me into the world of demons, devils and the rock stars on their path to revenge. What happened to that “rock star” as a boy horrifies me, but what happens to him because of that horrifies me even more. It is a spine-chilling tale that truly belongs in any horror reader’s collection. The character creation is fabulous." - Christina M. Condy, reviewer

"Wow...Dan Brown fans watch out! It's gripping, tantalizing... I was hooked by the end of the first chapter and literally unwilling to put it down!" - Nikki, book blogger at Close Encounters With The Night Kind

"If you are a fan of Stephen King, you would like this occult thriller. It's not quite explainable and you can't tear yourself away." - John C. Stipa, Virginia

"A good break after all the boy-meets-girl plots. Good writing... interesting concepts... a riddle and some clues to solve... I was reminded of Dennis Lehane. Very different from other horror fiction stories... even gave the whole Necronomicon tale a new spin." - Cyma R. Kahn, reviewer

"A riveting occult crime thriller. I couldn't put it down." - Rai Aren, author of Secret Of The Sands

"A close-the-drapes-and-hang-onto-your-seat-read. Highly recommend it." - Meredith Wright Hutchins, attorney, Olympia, WA

"An ending you will never see coming! Highly recommended!" - Lila L. Pinord, author of In Time, Min's Monster, and Skye Dancer

"Filled with magick... at times drawing one into the evil." - Ellen In Atlanta, reviewer

"Plenty of atmosphere and a compelling narrative. A worthwhile roller-coaster ride." - Bob Freeman, author of The Descendant

"What a great story – fast paced and exciting, right to the end." - Roxanne Bland, Of Werewolves And Other Strangers

"Excellent read! Exciting, really moves right along & a wee touch of romance. You wont be sorry!" - Sue McRae., Stanwood, WA

"A tingly, spine-chilling little entry that belongs in any true horror aficionado's collection." - Wendy Potocki, author of The White Lady Murders

KINDLE (U.S.) $3.99 - http/

KINDLE (U.K.) - http/

PAPERBACK (U.S.) $12.95 - http/

PAPERBACK (U.K.) £9.95 - http/





Gary Val Tenuta

Author of Ash: Return Of The Beast

Book trailer:

A modern day supernatural crime chiller, steeped in the occult, inspired by a real mystery.

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