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Okay, so I'm sure what we all need is more reviews. We're all super busy, so I'm just going to lay out my thoughts and we can modify as we go if necessary.

1. I have a few books to loan out for this venture but not everybody does, so if you're willing to take PDFs or word docs or something that may be easier on people.

2. Try to have the book/ story read and reviewed in a month.

3. If you can't leave a favorable review, privately contact the person you're reviewing and let them know what and why. If you have constructive criticism to offer do so kindly. Ask the person you're reviewing if they want a low/moderate review posted to amazon or bn or whatever review site. We're here to help each other.

4. Use this forum to post a short description of your book/story along with anything else you can tell us so the right people can contact you. Tell us what genre it fits in, what the target audience is, how long it is, warnings on language/ adult content, etc.

5. Reciprocate. If somebody reads your book, be willing to consider reading theirs as well. I understand that not every genre fits with everybody's reading tastes, but try stretching yourself just a bit. This is a big step for me. I stay strictly to Christian, sci fi, and fantasy. Perhaps I'll find something new to like.

6. Post here to tell us which books you've read by whom.

7. Have fun. This isn't supposed to be torturous. Reviewing is work, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun.

8. If you're willing to sweep for grammar mistakes that jump out at you, great, but don't feel obligated here.

Virginia/ anybody, let me know if I'm missing something important.


The Collins Case features two FBI agents and their quest to find a kidnapped mother and two children.

Ashlynn's Dreams features a girl with the ability to shape people's dreams. If you could shape people's dreams, would your life ever be normal again?

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Virginia Jennings
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Sounds Perfect to me! ;)  advice about critisizm though, a spoonful of sugar always helps the medicine go down- to quote Mary Poppins. So if you have something negative try to also find one or two things possitive to say ;).

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