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The Collins Case is a Christian mystery about two FBI agents tracking down a kidnapped family. It's the first in the Heartfelt Cases series. The fourth book in the series is a full novel, the first three are each 30 something thousand words.

length: 78 pages in a word doc, 12 pt Garamond, longer in kindle format; a few hundred words shy of 39,000.

The link goes to the amazon kindle, which is $0.99 but if you're willing to review, I can email you a word document for free. Also, if you have amazon Prime it's already free to download the kindle.

Also, if you want in on the ground floor of revisions to the next two cases, PM me.


The Collins Case features two FBI agents and their quest to find a kidnapped mother and two children.

Ashlynn's Dreams features a girl with the ability to shape people's dreams. If you could shape people's dreams, would your life ever be normal again?

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