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I'm getting into freelance editing.  I am capable of everything from copyedits to content editing.

My current editing job is a structural level edit of a novel (historical fiction). 

Previously, I have also edited a dissertation, a NASA operations manual (for NASA Glenn Research's TSC), and a users manual (for Zin Technologies).

PhD in English Language and Literature
more than a few scholarly book reviews (Extrapolation, JFA, Sixteenth Century Journal)
a few published scholarly articles of literary criticism (a book chapter, JFA, Extrapolation)
a published book of literary criticism (McFarland Pub)
10 years of experience as a college level composition instructor (state university and community college)
6 years on the editorial board for LATCH (scholarly journal)
1 semester as a college level writing tutor (community college)


US$0.50 to US$1.00 per page, depending on the level of editing (copy to content) and some personal discretion.

Contact Info

bstypczynski at



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