Book Covers Book Covers Antiquity Calais Standing at Armageddon Brought to you by the writing talents of Jim Henry, published by Full Moon Over Bunganut Publishing. 163571007 Antiquity Calais Ascending Olympus Brought to you by the writing talents of Jim Henry, published by Full Moon Over Bunganut Publishing. 163571008 Buy One Get One Free! I recently published the first two books in the Universal Life Force Series Featuring Antiquity Calais, and have offered it through Kindle Direct Publishing. The cost for both volumes is the same as each individual volume, so it's a BOGO deal.. Everyone likes a sale, right? 163571009 The Alien Mind Written by: Virginia L. Jennings Published by: Rose Dog Books 163601244 Visionary From The Stars Written by: Virginia L. Jennings Published by: Publish America 163601245 Who I am Yesterday Who I Am Yesterday, A Path to Coping with a Loved One's Dementia 163609127 Deceptoin Peak Young Adult fantasy series, illustrated by the author. 163960832 Intravenous Patients continue to die at Westbrook Medical Center from mysterious causes, and as clues are gathered they seem to suggest that someone in the hospital is involved with the murders. Ted Maxwell, Patient Safety Officer, and Detective Mark Stone ignore the request from hospital administration to keep the deaths as discrete as possible and forge a full scale investigation into the murders. While gathering evidence they stumble on a connection which links each patient together. Now they have to use this information to lure the killer into a trap. Intravenous is a medical thriller, part mystery that?s full of suspense: a novel about the healthcare industry as it tries to survive under the new healthcare laws. This book might just be your wake-up call. A must read for anyone going to the hospital. 174578628 Drug Revenge Sam James, Thortons Police Chief, finds himself in another precarious situation as he tries to track down what seems to simply be a local drug dealer missing from his court hearing. Only beginning to question the dealer?s family, Sam narrowly misses being shot while in a high speed car chase. Once again, the bodies begin to pile up as Sam continues to dig into the insidious evil that seems to be overtaking his town. With no apparent connection, drug dealers and prostitutes are being shot and left on the street. In the midst of this turmoil, Sam reaches out to help those wanting to turn their life around. Chained to their chosen lifestyle that places them in relentless despair and danger, Sam points them toward those in his beloved Thorton with a heart of helping and hope as his. As the number of murders continues to grow, so does the suspect list. He finds himself more and more confused as the people on the suspect list grows shorter. Anyone remotely connected to the murders is being relentlessly killed. Yet another dangerous situation arises as the tangled investigation proceeds. Believing the main dealer to be murdered by their own hands, the once employees want a bigger piece of the pie. He is back and ready for revenge. The dealer immediately begins to eliminate his former employees and anyone so bold as to buy from his competitors. 174578629 Our Deadly Sins The citizens of Thorton have indoctrinated themselves with sin to the point of being unaware of everyone?s disobedience and neglect of God?s word. Until one of the citizens was discovered mutilated, with a note pinned to his chest announcing his trespass against God, which was signed by the killer, who called himself, The Purifier. Over the next few weeks, a multitude of mutilated bodies appeared throughout town, with their sins proclaimed for everyone to acknowledge. With each body, a note was left, with the Purifier?s signature, as a warning to everyone to stop their sinful behavior. Sam James, who had been Thorton?s Police Chief for the past twenty-years, and with the help of Johnny Pew, his trusted officer, had the unwavering task of finding the murderer, the Purifier, as well as quieting the fears of the townspeople. 174578630