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How To Engage and Reach Out To Your Audience

Scribe Trailer - An Awesome new place to view JUST book Trailers- Send your readers there to check out book trailers and even post your own. You can upload your own from your computer or embed it straight from youtube! Engage your readers on a site made just for them, to help them find new books they may want to read! 

**Tip- place your amazon link in the description section so your viewers can find your book if they want to check it out!
Create your own book quote using a cool quote from your own book! Place the book name and 'Available on Amazon' on the quote and then pin it using pinterest, share it to Facebook and Google +, and tweet it on twitter. Readers and fans LOVE to share picture quotes!
A goodreads account is very benificial because it allows you to add your books to the goodreads library as well as set up an author profile. Fans can friend you, and add your book to their 'to be read' lists, as well as add reviews. On Goodreads you can also create interactive multiple choice tests based off of your book to interact with your readers. You can also schedule giveaways!

Also like Goodreads however it is tied to your amazon account- there are readers communities here as well. The interesting thing about Shelfari is that you can add information about your book on your book page to add interest to your book. Add in your character descriptions and table of contents; add in your most shared quotes from your book and your setting descriptions- These things are tied to your book on amazon and will even show up on your book's page on amazon IF you are signed up with an amazon Author Central Account  For more on how to set up your Author Central/ Goodreads/ Shelfari accounts Click here
This site allows you to set up a book excerpt for your book in a cool interactive page which can be shared and tweeted! The site also tweets your book bubble out FOR you to their readers on twitter using hashtags like #sample sunday, #readers, #books, and #storify
Author Profile Sites To Boost Your Discoverability!  Here's a whole list of sites you should be a member of!

Also Check out Authors Database (Like IMBD for Authors!):

More coming soon!...